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At HealthSource we are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals to improve your quality and quantity of life!

Dr. Susan Friedman is a chiropractor serving Rye Brook, PortChester, White Plains, Westchester and surrounding communities and is in her 28th year of service. Dr. Friedman and the rest of the friendly team at HealthSource are dedicated to providing solutions to target your unique health needs. Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, pain radiating down the arms or legs we have solutions for pain relief.

You may have specific needs after experiencing an auto accident, a work related injury, or perhaps a new or long standing chronic condition. In any case, we have the methods to expertly assess your condition and provide you with the relief you are seeking. If you are interested in improving your general state of health, we provide comprehensive wellness counseling including lifestyle, nutritional and exercise programs. Most importantly we want to help you improve your overall health and we are confident that Dr. Friedman can help you achieve your goals!

Patient Reviews

“I came in with an ankle problem but Dr. Friedman determined that the root cause was derived from my flat feet. I was fitted with custom insoles and engaged in a physical therapy program which had be back on my feet in no time. I am very grateful to Dr. Friedman and her team as I’m now able to re-engage with sports and renew a life without pain or discomfort.”

– Salvador P.

“I have used Dr. Friedman for many years and am always very satisfied with the results.
More recently, I was feeling discomfort and had no idea what was going on with my body that was causing it. My spine was out of alignment. In a few adjustments I felt wonderful and energetic again. No more discomfort. Also, I was not able to left my arm above my shoulder without severe pain. This also got handled.

– Judi M.

“Warm, friendly and professional staff. Bright and inviting office, with a nice waiting room and free coffee machine.

They are very knowledgeable, use the latest in chiropractic machines and tools, and truly helped me understand my own body better. Moreover, they explain and go through the different causes and reasons for my pain and issues, to learn more about prevention and the right care.”

– Matias F.

“One of the strongest qualities of Dr. Susan Friedman which makes her highly qualified is that she takes the time to carefully listen to the patients complete explanation of symptoms. After listening, Dr. Friedman takes time to explain her prognosis and treatment methods in easy to understand language using a model skeleton. The office environment from the moment you step in speaks a lot about how the establishment is run. The office and treatment area is very clean and organized. The office stuff is very friendly and professional at the same time.

I’m grateful that I chose Dr. Friedman as my chiropractor, she is great at what she does and she is the best professional for what I need.”

– Sylwia W.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Friedman’s over 20 years, from the first day to the present the dedication she shows to her patients health is truly amazing!!! She is always learning and keeping on top of new innovations, which make her extremely knowledgeable. Over the 20 years I have seen many changes in the staff, and the one consistent is that the staff is always warm, friendly and professional, which makes the fact you’re in pain a bit easier to handle. I am so happy that I found such a great Dr.”

– Rico L.

“I went to Dr. Friedman with a herniated disc and suffering from debilitating back pain. After just a few visits I started to feel so much better. My pain levels dropped to almost nothing. I can walk and exercise and live a pain free life. Dr. Friedman’s one on one consultation was in[depth. She took the time to explain what was wrong and how it was effecting me. I started using nutritional supplements she recommended which also increased my energy and stamina. I would recommend Dr. Friedman enough to anyone suffering from back or neck pain and who just wants to feel better and get healthy.”

– Aaron S.

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