To Supplement or Not To Supplement?
by Dr. Susan Friedman

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Just about every day since I have been in practice, over 26 years, I am asked this question; “hey doc, should I be taking vitamins?”
I have many patients who are on so many varieties of nutritional supplements they can’t name them all, or tell me why their taking them for that matter!! Then there is the group that has never taken a supplement in their life and in fact interchanges the word “supplement” for medication. Of course the bulk of my patients are somewhere between point A and point Z.
After much research and evaluation of both current and past data, clinical observation and review of actual scientificly based studies, I’ve concluded that for most people supplementation is not only a good idea but a necessity.
You may ask why.
While many of my patients tell me they are on a good diet, they eat well and include a wide variety of foods, I still, almost always, recommend supplements.
Reason #1 is that even for those who really do eat well, the food supply today just isn’t what is used to be. Therefore the nutrient content is largely diminished.
Reason #2 is that typically after careful examination of an individuals dietary habits, the reality is that most people are not eating nearly as well as they think. Additionally, some people just flat out state they have very poor habits when it comes to food and food choices.
Reason #3 is that we are exposed to an estimated 80,000 chemicals in our environment daily. Supplements are needed to combat the negative effects of these chemicals.
Reason #4 is that due to the nature of some of the complex health profiles of our patient population we often need to “flood” the tissues with nutrients to facilitate the healing process.

This brings us to the next question; are all supplements created equal?
To be continued………….

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