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Are You In Pain Solution Paralysis?

Chronic Pain Solutions Westchester NY Low Back Pain

Do you suffer from pain? Do you very carefully balance between managing pain versus giving up and crying, "It is just too much?"  If this is you, read on for helpful information to better help you understand and choose the best pain solution option from the experts in treatments of headaches, back pain, neck pain, and other musculoskeletal ...


Tools for School – Avoid Low Back Pain

Backpack Safety Westchester NY Back Pain

Fall is here!  The first days of school have come and gone.  Now the once excited kids bend over or strain shoulders to hold the overly heavy backpacks that contain their school books and folders.  Unfortunately these over filled backpacks are heading our future generations into early back pain, neck pain, headaches and disease processes.  According to ...


An Arthritic Joint Barometer?

Knee Pain Westchester NY Arthritis

Are your joints able to predict a change in weather better than your traditional barometer? If so, read on. We may have a painless solution that will soon have you singing in the rain. Can Arthritis Be A True Weather Gauge? It's true that many people with back pain, neck pain or other chronic joint ...


Weight Loss in Westchester Can Be Painful

Weight loss can be a rough ordeal as it is, let alone considering the physical aspects that may be involved. Otherwise, 73% of people wouldn’t be giving up before they reach their goal. And, while considering weight loss can seem painful in many cases, sometimes pain itself can hinder or prevent it. Either way, pain can ...


Is Gravity Causing Westchester Back Pain?

Astronauts may not have to worry about it much, but people down here in Westchester sure do wonder if gravity may be causing them additional difficulties. For ages, gravity has been associated with aging factors in its effects on the body, causing all manner of cosmetic effects. Beyond cosmetic, however, can it also influence body ...


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