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Foot Pain Rye Brook NY Orthotics

Shoes glorious shoes!  Most women and a great deal of men love their shoes.  They are designed to be worn for about eight months or 500 miles but like most of us it really depends on what we do in those 500 miles.  Just as a great car we want them to look good but ...


Posture Affects Attitude

Posture Rye Brook NY

An optimal spine equals optimal health with your posture being the window to you spine, but that’s not all…A new study has revealed that good posture also gives you more confidence in your own thoughts. Learn More Researchers have concluded that people sitting up straight think more positively about themselves, and are more likely to have confidence ...


Stand and Sit Up Straight to Better Health

Rye Brook NY Back Pain

Most of us can still hear our Grandmother's voice ringing in our ears to stand up and sit up straight.  We did and our health is better for the swift and frequent reminders.  Unfortunately, that is an era gone by.  Most of our communications are received through a small screen that we slouch and slump ...


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