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A Full Court Press Against Back Pain

Back Pain Westchester NY Leg Pain

Back pain needs a good defense and offense just like a top-rated basketball team.  Whether we are high caliber athletes or weekend warriors, it's time to stop defending the backcourt and invest in the proper shoes to avoid future injuries. This way we can make the slam dunk of the season - without any lasting ...


Are You In Pain Solution Paralysis?

Chronic Pain Solutions Westchester NY Low Back Pain

Do you suffer from pain? Do you very carefully balance between managing pain versus giving up and crying, "It is just too much?"  If this is you, read on for helpful information to better help you understand and choose the best pain solution option from the experts in treatments of headaches, back pain, neck pain, and other musculoskeletal ...


Rake In the Benefits of No Back Pain

Back Pain Relief Westchester NY

Autumn season is upon us!  Our senses come alive as many of us are beginning to enjoy the sight of the beautiful and majestic colors displayed on our trees, the touch of coolness in the air, and the smell of bonfires. We know the beauty is short-lived for the beautiful trees soon lose their leaves ...


Are Westchester Students Prone to Back Pain?

In colleges in and outside of Westchester, students young and old have a few things in common, not the least of which is the need to carry a heavy book and computer bags. Although their minds maybe expanding, are these heavy backpacks of knowledge actually causing more harm than benefit? A majority of students find backpacks ...


Decrease Back Pain with Spinal Decompression in Westchester


Back pain statistics have soared lately, with percentages at a seemingly all-time high. 31 Million Americans, A staggering 31 Million Americans, reportedly suffer, with a lion's share in Westchester and the greater metropolitan area. But, there is a hidden injury causing back pain not many know about: compression injuries. These are all-too-common of late, and there ...


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